TIA Sales App Release

Sell More Insurance with TIA’s iPad Sales App

Faster Process and Collaborative Client Dialogue Results in Shorter Sales Cycles and Boosts Sales Productivity

COPENHAGEN – 23-10-2012 – TIA Technology, a leading provider of a standard software solution for the global property/casualty and composite insurance industry, announced today the release of its TIA iPad Sales App. The new tool for insurance sales agents boosts sales productivity by helping guide the sales dialogue in a modern and interactive way and close more deals on the spot.

The TIA Sales App reaches out to the modern insurance client who is digitally savvy, price-educated, and less loyal than few years ago. The App responds to insurer’s constant need to efficiently acquire new customers by facilitating collaborative, focused dialogue to speed insurance decisions and shorten sales cycles.


                                             The TIA Sales App

As the selling of insurance becomes more consumer-driven, complex and online, TIA invests in developing mobile sales capabilities which dramatically boost sales results and maximize efficiency for insurance firms.

This unique application helps insurers to boost front-office sales capabilities. The TIA Sales App is a specially built application that has pre-configured quote processes and policy sign-up on the spot, a tailored work space for sales agents including key performance indicators and follow-ups on quote/policy cases.

The application includes the setting up of three insurance products and is available in multi-language. It is fast to implement; set-up and configuration of three products can be deployed in less than 12 weeks.

“TIA keeps a close eye on trends in the insurance market to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible tools to do their job. We are really excited about the benefits that the TIA Sales App brings to our customers’ front-line sales agents. It’s up and running in less than three months so whether large or small firms, the potential of embracing this new mobility tool are there for the taking.”
Liselotte Munk, CEO of TIA Technology

Create a dialogue with clients, and sell.

The TIA Sales App is built and designed to facilitate dialogue between the client and sales agent. The iPad’s interactiveness and ease-of-use ensures the client is engaged throughout the entire process. The client sees exactly what the sales agent is doing and can even tap in some of their own details, thus improving customer experience and loyalty.

Improve sales productivity.

The TIA Sales App speeds insurance decisions and shortens sales cycles by empowering sales professionals to collaborate, quote, bind and finalize the transaction on the spot. The system’s proven process guides agents through the four steps of sales success – need, analysis, solution and acceptance. Best of all, the process can be customized for each insurer’s unique needs.

Extend the power of the TIA Solution.

The TIA Sales App fully integrates with the TIA Solution – therefore sales agents have the power of the TIA Solution at their fingertips whenever they need it. This allows agents to access client histories, provide multiple quotes, cross-sell/up-sell and sign-up policies on the spot.