Insurance-specific BI solutions that meet your reporting needs

TIA's BI solutions gives you everything you need to ensure correct and easy to use reporting tools for both internal and external needs. 

TIA BI Cloud lifts your decision-making abilities

TIA BI Cloud lifts your decision-making abilitiesIn many organizations, analysts typically spend 80% of their time searching, cleansing and preparing data and only 20% actually analyzing and using it. TIA BI Cloud reverses this ratio. With the same number of resources, you get a four-fold increase in your analytical capabilities, leading not only to better decisions, but faster decisions as well.

"We are getting updated information every day that we use for monitoring and analyzing developments in premiums, earned premiums, claims, sales and more. We are experiencing very good performance from the system and the quality and accuracy of the KPI’s, measures and dimensions are absolutely satisfying."
Lars Aga Reisæter, CFO at Landbruksforsikring, Norway
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TIA Business Intelligence Interface

A standardized tool for extracting structured data for reporting purposes, including Policy, Object, Claim, Customer and Account/GL data. TIA BI Cloud offers and easy solution to loading your information into a Data Warehouse and grants you access to powerful analytics capabilities.

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