Find the right customers with an end-to-end insurance solution

A diagram of a insurance system lacking in customer-centricity

One of these forces facing the insurance industry today is the increasing power of the consumer. In order to find the right customers and keep them, insurers must be better at understanding them - their data, their needs and their way of thinking.This is very difficult to do if you have an aging legacy system or a range of systems that service the needs of individual departments and processes.

Many insurance companies today face a situation like the one to the right - no central system, no key customer record and very little information sharing. The customer is just not a central part of the system. This set up makes a customer-centric strategy extremely costly, if not impossible, to implement. 

An end-to-end, customer-centric vision is key

"We have had extremely good feedback on our service from our clients. So the TIA solution does the job."
Willem Smith, COO, MiWay

TIA puts customers in the center of the insurance value chain

The TIA Solution is the perfect solution for insurance companies that have an end-to-end, customer-centric vision.


It supports and manages core insurance processes across the value chain; from planning marketing activities, quotations, through the whole policy lifecycle, commission, claims handling - including integrating to external service suppliers - loss adjusting, reinsurance and management information.


And it does all this while keeping the customer in the focus of everything you do, which makes it easier to find and retain the right customers for your business.

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