Transforming your business with a better user experience

The TIA Solution is a comprehensive and flexible standard insurance software platform that allows you to simplify your business, transform it and grow it by finding the hidden potential in your organization and turning it into value.

Whether you are transforming your entire business or just creating a new insurance product line, or entering a new geography, your core solution should revolve around your customers. It doesn't matter if you are focusing on achieving operational excellence, creating amazing customer experience or gaining product leadership, it all starts with harnessing the power of your customer data throughout the entire organization.

7 TIA user experience principles that make your business run better

The TIA Solution makes it easy for insurers to do business with their customers, making employees more knowledgeable and efficient. This in turn leads to better service and happier customers. Below are seven ways that TIA makes it easier for your employees to do business.

1. Always see the big picture
A 360° customer overview and global search capability give you the context for any interaction with the customer. Whether you are amending information, creating a policy, handling a claim or engaging in another way, you are in control. No matter where you are in the application, you will have an overview of your customer's complete portfolio – relations, policies, claims – everything.

2. Never more than a click away
In the TIA Solution you will never have trouble finding the common tasks that you so often use. The navigation panel provides one-click access to important customer actions, while allowing you to retain an overview of your customer's relations, policies and claims. This makes it easy to do business with customers and boosts efficiency.

3. Multi-task without losing focus
During a busy work day you often work with more than one customer at a time and to keep things moving smoothly you need to be able to switch back and forth between each customer and their information without losing momentum. TIA supports the ability to have multiple customer tabs open at the same time which lets you quickly and easily move from one case to another.

4. Benefit from best practices
The TIA solution is not only built by industry experts, it incorporates the most common requirements and enhancements requested by our insurance customers and their 100.000 daily users. So you get the best practices necessary to run an efficient insurance company and deliver operational excellence for any line of business, geography and company size. It's all a part of the standard TIA Solution.

5. Reach your customers where they are
Creating amazing customer experience means you need to be able to take advantage of the best external tools and front-end solutions. Direct integration with tools, such as Google Maps, increases productivity helps optimize interactions with your customers. It is also easy to extend TIA functionality and processes to any front-end platform; whether it is a mobile platform, web client, tablet or any other devices that your customers prefer.

6. Make your workspace work for you
Are you in the sales department, or perhaps claims? Either way you need TIA to support your specific needs – and it does. TIA has out-of-the-box, role-specific workspaces to support specific processes and you can further personalize them so that data and functionality is presented just as you like, no matter what your specific needs are.

7. Customize for your business
TIA is built upon the most comprehensive and advanced technology framework available; the Oracle Fusion platform. Oracle ADF offers extraordinary flexibility and easier upgrades – so your business becomes more efficient right now and stays efficient in the future.


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