Your insurance company, your TIA Solution

TIA is the most flexible, open, end-to-end insurance solution available on the market. Whether you want to transform your entire business or just create a new insurance product line or enter a new geography, TIA can make your strategy more straightforward and more profitable.

“Often when you work with special issues and niche products like we do, you think they are too special to be able to work on a standard solution. But actually in most cases, like in our case, it isn't a problem.”
Kjetil Løge, Marketing Director, Skogbrand

The TIA Solution is designed for multiple deployments across countries, scalability and swift go-to-market readiness. It supports any insurance business models; from the tailored strategy of a Greenfield operator to the broad reach of a conglomerate insurance company.

Structured processes are available for turning country specific requirements into parameterized functionality.

Your project, your scope

TIA allows you to implement just what you need in the way that makes most sense for your organization. It offers the most comprehensive insurance functionality on the market but the scope of what you choose and the way you implement it is up to you.

The TIA Solution can handle all your insurance business processes. You can take advantage of special applications that extend TIA functionality as well as add-on solutions that meets specific needs out of the box or you can stick with the core functionality. Whatever the solution, you can choose to have it installed on-site or hosted, according to your IT strategy.

You can count on a safe investment with:

  • A proven solution: Largest installed base with no failed implementations
  • Rich functionality: Most comprehensive insurance solutions on the market
  • Flexible technology: An agile, easily configurable and upgradable platform
  • Future-proof solution: Continuously updated with the latest technology and functionality
  • A community to back you up: A large community that contributes to and supports the solution

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