TIA is ideal for insurers who are looking for an open, end-to-end solution based on leading-edge technology, ultimate usability and configurable functionality.

"TIA really offers the only solution that can accommodate all our needs. It is the most advanced solution available and it covers the complete insurance concept."
Lars Lysdal Jensen, CIO, Alm. Brand

If your vision is to be the front runner in your market, TIA is the solution that can help you develop your business into a customer-centric, high-performing company, miles in front of your competition.

What is the TIA Solution?

TIA puts customers in the center of the insurance value chain

It is a modular, integrated core insurance solution providing insurers with benefits throughout the entire value chain. It is built as a complete end-to-end package supporting all lines of business and capable of managing the entire insurance process. The TIA Solution is built by insurance experts with years of industry insight. The entire solution is flexible and broad enough to meet specific insurer’s needs regardless of geography, line of business or strategic inclinations.

TIA gives your employees a 360° customer view across functional areas and arms all of your frontline workforce with all of the information they need to respond, interact and take advantage of opportunities with customers as they arise. TIA is a truly customer-centric solution, meaning that it stores your customer data independent from the functional areas, allowing users to access rel­evant data according to their given role and tasks.

The benefits of using the TIA Solution

  • Little employee training needed since TIA is so easy and intuitive to use
  • Low implmentation costs as TIA is easy to implement
  • Changes are fast to make and deliver to market because TIA is highly configurable
  • TCO of the IT landscape is low since TIA is built on an openness for integration principle
  • TIA provides you with an end-to-end, customer-centric solution at a reasonable cost
  • 25 years in the business means a solid TIA Solution that meets insurers needs
  • Future-proof and low TPC with a clear upgrade path to future TIA versions

Breaking down the TIA Solution

The full TIA Solution can be broken down into distinct areas:

The TIA Solution (Property/Casualty)

The TIA Solution integrates, streamlines and standardizes policy administration, sales, and claims handling processes into one adaptable insurance solution.

TIA supports and manages core insurance processes across the value chain; from planning marketing activities, quotations, through the whole policy lifecycle, commission, claims handling - including integrating to external service suppliers - loss adjusting, reinsurance and management information.

TIA Foundation

TIA uses Oracle technologies as a strategic framework for its insurance software. The TIA Solution uses Oracle Fusion Stack, bringing the benefits of a completely modern, open and integrated platform. It is a scalable packaged software solution, which at the same time, is easily configurable.

TIA Extensions

Functionalities that are not key to the core functionality and processes of the TIA Solution are called Extensions. These extensions are built to be seamlessly added to a TIA installation. Important extensions include various country layers, business intelligence offerings, and mobility solutions.


As an added plus, many of our partners have developed add-on functionality and solutions that make the TIA Solution even stronger. 

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