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TIA Solution Overview-ProductsTIA Products is a set of tools for facilitating and streamlining the process of defining, configuring, testing and deploying insurance products. It reduces the time and drives down the cost of bringing products and product updates to market. TIA Products can be used to create any type of product – from a simple, personal line to the most complex commercial line. 

TIA Products is just one element of the full TIA end-to-end, customer-centric insurance solution. TIA is a modular, integrated core insurance solution providing insurers with benefits throughout the entire value chain.

The benefits

Gain product leadership with the TIA SolutionGain product leadership
Product development is no longer restricted to IT specialists. A special tool, TIA Product Center, provides a rich set of product development capabilities for non-IT users, significantly speeding up product development time.

  • Configuration-based product development
  • Product Variants
  • Master Products
  • Multi-dimensional versioning

Exceed customer expectations with the TIA SolutionExceed customer expectations
Create a product portfolio that meets your customers’ needs. Allow your customers to personalize their insurance products with specific elements that are relevant for them. 

  • Product versions and customizable sub-versions
  • Web enablement and personalization opportunities

Supporting all your insurance product development needs

Key features of TIA Products

• Streamlined and standardized structure for
   setup of any product
• Guided procedures improve usability during
   product creation
• Advanced web enablement and personalization
   allows customers to choose

• Integration capabilities incl. SOA, and open 
   APIs, facilitates integration to any IT landscape
• Easy replication and reuse of product
• Multi-versioning mechanisms
• Import/export facility

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