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TIA Solution Overview-Sales

TIA Sales is a set of tools and components supporting insurance sales professionals in attracting and retaining insurance customers and speeding up the sales process.

TIA Sales is just one element of the full TIA end-to-end, customer-centric insurance solution. TIA is a modular, integrated core insurance solution providing insurers with benefits throughout the entire value chain.

The benefits

Exceed customer expectations with the TIA SolutionExceed customer expectations
TIA Sales makes your business customer-centric and allows you to ensure an excellent customer experience. Having your customer in the center of all your processes gives your handlers a comprehensive overview of all transactions that the customer is part of, making it easy to ensure a positive and profitable interaction.

  • Customer-centric multi-channel distribution
  • Campaign handling
  • Incentive-based Member Get Member component
  • Self service opportunities and processes

Achieve operational efficiency with the TIA SolutionAchieve operational excellence
TIA Sales streamlines your operations so you can get more value out of each and every customer interaction. From efficient quotation management to speedy resolution of disputes, your employees can easily view all the customer data they need to be more efficient in their daily work.

  • Central database with all customer data across contact points
  • Streamlined quotation management
  • Automated underwriting with rule-based configuration
  • Cost-effective campaigns management and sales support activities
  • Agent performance monitoring and commissions

Supporting all your insurance sales needs

Key features of TIA Sales

• Customer-centric overviews
• Dedicated workplace for each new customer
   accessed within the solution
• Quick quotes
• Easy conversion of quotes to policies
• Quotes on existing policies

• Automated underwriting
• Support for multiple channels
• Campaign handling
• Member-get-member incentives
• Sales statistics

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