A smoother, more customer-centric sales process

TIA Solution Overview-Sales

The TIA Sales module makes it easy to convert potential customers and serve existing ones even better with a fast, efficient sales process.

Empower a smooth experience for self-service customers

TIA Sales puts your self-service customers at the center with a seamless digital journey. They can obtain quotes on existing and new policies, and the online sales process is user-friendly and efficient no matter which digital channel they prefer.

  • Self-service opportunities through the REST API
  • Customer-centric multi-channel distribution
  • Incentive-based Member Get Member system

Improve operational efficiency

TIA Sales streamlines your operations so you can get more value out of each customer. From efficient quotation management to speedy resolution of disputes, your employees can easily view all the customer data they need to be more efficient in their daily work.

  • Central database with all customer data across contact points
  • Streamlined quotation management
  • Automated underwriting with rule-based configuration
  • Cost-effective campaign handling and sales support activities
  • Sales-statistics overview
  • Agent performance monitoring and commissions

Key features of TIA Sales

• Customer-centric overviews
• Automated collections and disbursements
• Real-time payment
• Dedicated workplace for each new customer accessed within the system
• Quick Quote
• Parallel quotes

• Easy conversion of quotes to policies
• Quotes on existing policies
• Automated underwriting & escalation
• Support for multiple channels
• Marketing campaigns
• Member-get-member incentives
• Sales statistics

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