Open by design – for vast integration possibilities

TIA Solution Overview-FoundationThe TIA Foundation incorporates the essentials for running any insurance business process and provides excellent integration opportunities across the insurance value chain.

Empower a smooth experience for self-service customers

Today's insurance consumers expect to be able to serve themselves online with ease and simplicity. The TIA Foundation's REST API offers faster, easier integration to third-party self-service applications. This can help you provide faster sales and quoting information, a better policy overview, and quicker, easier registration of claims for self-service customers.

Improve operational efficiency

By providing a common setup and maintenance facility for many activities, TIA allows you to get full control of the supporting functions within each of the departments running on TIA and leverage efficiencies through the re-use of similar configurations. This improves workflow efficiency across your business.

  • Full support for multiple currencies and dual currencies
  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Several business brands on the same solution within the same database
  • Common overview of all users, their tasks and department activities
  • Comprehensive overview of financial transactions per customer or third party
  • Seamlessly integrated collection and disbursement

Key features

• Country layers
• Accounting, billing and disbursements
• Case and task management
• Complaint handling
• Batch scheduler

• Printing and correspondence
• Product documentation
• User management
• Authorizations

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