Controlled tailoring – without affecting the upgrade path

The TIA Solution supports multiple levels of tailoring allowing our clients to implement custom preferences and custom functionality in the application. Controlled tailoring – without affecting the upgrade path – is one of the unique characteristics of the TIA Solution. The customers have the following tailoring options:


The flexible TIA user interface (UI) exposes many look&feel options to the users (e.g. sorting, grouping, hiding or displaying of the relevant content) empower regular users, making your organization more flexible and reducing the need for involving IT specialists in routine adjustments tasks, lowering the IT support costs.


  • All TIA modules provide rich configuration possibilities for advanced users, ensuring that the generic TIA Solution can be adjusted based on our clients' requirements.
  • Configuration also embraces such traditionally IT heavy processes as Product Definition where with TIA's Product Center the development of new products becomes a matter of weeks.
  • TIA is a true multi-country, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-company solution
  • TIA supplies pre-defined localization packages (country layers) for selected geographies that include software translations and additional modules with country-specific functionality. With TIA's country layer, our customers can easily make our standard solution serve their local needs.


  • All TIA modules are accompanied by business rule packages that allow for further customization of the solution to the clients' needs
  • Custom code is exclusively added in the dedicated components in the customer tower, leaving the generic TIA solution unchanged
  • The concept of meta data driven customizations in the ADF UI allows for customer specific solution fittings based on configuration rather than coding.
  • Controlled customizations and extensions facilitated by TIA Professional Services secure fast and easy upgrades


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