Multi-brand, multi-company, multi-site

For insurers who are expanding, merging, or acquiring, the TIA Multi-site feature allows running several brands or companies from a single TIA installation differentiating on services and offerings across brands – for example, sales channel, price, products, while reusing general business rules as much as possible. Managing multiple brands or companies from a single database significantly increases control across the organization and reduces IT license and maintenance fees.

 TIA Multi

The Multi-site feature enables insurers to operate across borders and lines of business leveraging IT in the following strategic scenarios:

  • Running multiple brands within a single TIA installation
  • Running a regional hub-and-spoke model within a single TIA installation, covering multiple countries in one installation
  • Running both P&C and L&P business on the same database instance by extending an existing TIA P&C Installation and enabling TIA L&P as a separate site

The Multi-site feature is optional for insurance companies. Those who do not wish to run several business units in one TIA installation may continue using the TIA Solution in as single-site setup.

The Multi-site feature introduces a site hierarchy, where a site can be connected to another site in a tree structure. Each site inherits rules and setup from the site above unless specific rules or setup are defined for the site itself. A user can be authorized to view and work on data in a specific site (and thereby also in all sites underneath that site). When a user has access to multiple sites, he/she will automatically start in a specific site defined as default in the user setup. It is possible for the user to switch to other sites.

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