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With years of experience and knowledge of the TIA Solution, Professional Services adds value to your implementation. Being close to our 60+ customers means we understand the needs of insurers and effectively and securely carry out implementations.

In a flexible and modern insurance industry TIA believes that insurers benefit from staying close to the core solution, thus lowering costs and being in a stronger position to access future functionality with smooth upgrade projects.
To ensure the most effective and painless implementation possible, TIA splits each part of the implementation project into two phases.

Phase 1: Pre-Analysis – What are the business needs?

When implementing an insurance solution, we find it important to work closely with new clients to ensure we build the solution to meet your business needs. This begins with building a business case for the insurance solution and figuring out exactly which tools are required, and which have lower priority.

TIA develops a in-depth understanding to ensure successful implementation

From this phase, we develop an in-depth understanding of the insurance company’s needs and then develop a detailed roadmap of how the TIA Solution is to be implemented.

Phase 2: The Implementation Process

In close cooperation with you, TIA will take the lead on the implementation process and follows a SPRINT model. A sprint is a time-boxed exercise where any requirements not implemented or needing to be revised are transferred to the next sprint/phase. The duration of a sprint depends on the overall project scope, budget and timeline.

TIA will take the lead on the implementation process and follows a SPRINT model

  • Analysis of requirements where TIA processes are documented in a TIA quick specification
  • Prototyping begins based on the TIA Quick Specification
  • Demo/testing of the prototype together with relevant customer resources such as business analysts and solution architects
  • Documentation of the signed off prototype and requirements needed to be transferred to next sprint 

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