Smarter operations with Tia 7.7

TIA 7.7 takes on several customer requests for tightening operations – enhancing configuration support and accelerating workflow for insurers. It also includes a fraud scorecard that supports increased automation in case of fraud detection. Explore the new features and improvements below.

Task manager: An active task can now be assigned to either an individual, group or department, and the user now gets an expanded overview of tasks. This eases workflow and removes bottlenecks across the organization.

Expanded business events: New and improved business events expand integration possibilities for external applications, such as your self-service portal or CRM – opening up your business to greater innovation opportunities.

Fraud scorecard: Claims handlers can get an understanding of a customer rating, and can see whether data from another claim might impact the current one. This makes claim handling more efficient while reducing fraud.

Improved product configuration: Product configuration becomes faster and more flexible, and renewal rules configuration is now possible through the user interface instead of through the code. This drastically reduces time to market for new products and product updates.

Fleet policy handling: Easy handling of the object template optimizes the maintenance of a fleet portfolio – a new object can be based on the template and requires a limited data input. This expedites fleet policy management significantly.

Payment improvements: Customers can now generate invoices based on the calendar year and, for example, send out invoices on a quarterly basis. TIA 7.7 also supports the handling of payment card data as part of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.

For a complete list of changes and enhancements in this release, see the TIA 7.7 Release Note available on the Support site.

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