TIA Technology adds four consultants to its South African Professional Services team

Significant demand from insurers in the region requires the company to expand its local operations.

Johannesburg, South Africa – 7 September 2018. Today TIA Technology, a leading provider of software and solutions for the insurance industry, announces significant growth in their operations, including four senior consultants joining its South African operations over the next two months. This is as a result of the company continuing to win new and exciting customer projects to implement and enhance their TIA Core Insurance Solutions.

Managing Director of TIA Africa, Tian Horn, says, “Local interest in our solutions and services continues to grow and we have been successful in winning both new implementation projects and significant consulting projects at existing customers. This necessitated that we expand our South African team in order to keep up with demand and continue to provide the professional support and close local collaboration we strive for. We anticipate that this growth will continue well into 2019 and that more TIA experts will join our fold in South Africa.”

"Local interest in our solutions and services continues to grow and we have been successful in winning both new implementation projects and significant consulting projects at existing customers."
- Managing Director of TIA Africa, Tian Horn.

Horn says many insurance professionals from the TIA community have shown interest in working with the vendor of the technology they’ve built their careers on. “Our new team members each have in excess of 10 years’ experience on TIA’s technology in South Africa and are regarded as experts in their field. That means they can hit the ground running – and that’s exactly what we need.”

Local service and support

The South African insurance industry is undergoing rapid change. New market entrants, changing customer preferences and market erosion across product lines are demanding creative approaches to product development and a willingness to keep up with emerging technologies. That’s why local insurance and technology expertise is a high priority for South African insurers. Horn continues, “Our customers will benefit from local consultants bringing to the table their deep understanding of the South African insurance industry requirements, best practice and practical experience on the TIA solution stack. It means customers will get an optimal strategic solution for their business, rolled-out professionally and efficiently.”

TIA CEO Christian Kromann adds, “We’re proud of TIA Africa’s ability to attract and retain top-notch local talent, and we also see it as an opportunity for all TIA employees to participate in international projects. Our growing international team and capabilities only make us stronger – and we look forward to serving our growing roster of clients in South Africa and beyond.”

About TIA Technology

Founded in Copenhagen, TIA Technology provides an open, flexible, standard core software platform to insurance companies around the world. With over 20 years of software and services experience and more than 60 customers globally, TIA has deep insight into insurance business processes. Offering the full scope of expert implementation, application management and hosting services, TIA deploys its expertise to help insurers execute their digital and business strategies and stay competitive well into the future. www.tiatechnology.com

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