Realize true business value with TIA

When you collaborate with TIA Technology and use the TIA Solution you gain more than just the most comprehensive end-to-end standard insurance solution on the market that will support your business today and in the future. You become part of one of the largest insurer communities in the world and tap into best practices developed from deep insurance insights and expertise. 

You also get the opportunity to:

  • Transform and grow your business while focusing on gaining true business value
  • Simplify your current way of doing business
  • Become truly customer-centric by sharing customer data throughout the organization
  • Harness the customer insight you need to build long-term profitability

 How can TIA help you find true business value?

TIA works with you to identify the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for your company. We have specific knowhow, processes and frameworks in place to help you make certain that there is alignment between your strategy and your business transformation needs.

We believe that business transformations should always revolve around your customers. So whether you want to achieve operational excellence, create amazing customer experience or gain product leadership, it all starts with harnessing the power of your customer data throughout the entire organization. 

Our customer-centric approach helps you profit from every customer interaction. 

What can the TIA Solution do for your business?

The TIA Solution helps you drive profitable growth by digitalizing your business, improving your product and pricing agility, seamlessly supporting multi-channel engagement and by delivering customer-centric support for the entire insurance value chain. The TIA Solution can be successfully implemented fast and with low risk due to its modularity.

Improve efficiency by at least 10%Get to market twice as fastIncrease profit by at least 10% 

Digitalize for efficiency gains

Implement best practice processes and a standard system with a high degree of automation to ensure a strong foundation for growth and the ability to offer new innovative solutions to customers

Product & pricing agility 

Execute a more sophisticated and agile product strategy, offer new personalized products to demanding customers, analyze product profitability and introduce adjustments on the fly

Master distribution channels

Implement a strong and flexible technical platform to master seamless multi-channel engagement with customers. Create a unique customer experience and add value for sales agents 


Reduce customer churn by 30%Reduce IT costs by up to 30%Cut implementation time by 30%


With a 360-degree customer engagement overview your customers are always in focus so your employees can deliver better service; exceeding customer needs and expectations

Full end-to-end solution

TIA is a complete core insurance solution – integrating, streamlining and standardizing all processes in the insurance value chain covering the entire customer life cycle

Safe implementation

With 100% success rate and on-time project implementations, TIA protects your investment by providing a stable roadmap, ensuring high quality and mitigating risks during and after implementation 

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